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Performance Meal Prep Videos

Prepping meals with potatoes can boost your performance and elevate your nutrition. The versatility of this starchy vegetable and the fast energy it provides makes it an easy go-to choice for high-performance athletes everywhere.

Allen Tran, Sports Dietitian and Chef for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team is a master at maximizing bang for your buck in both value and nutrient density, and he’s got a number of tricks, tips, and strategies to take your meal prep—and your athletic performance—to the next level. From microwave secrets to ideas for every palate, budget, and schedule, this meal prep with potatoes series will get you thinking outside of the box for healthy, delicious meal ideas that fuel performance and give your body the energy it needs to rebuild and recover.

Check out bonus recipe ideas from Dr. Allen Lim, a sports scientist, coach for elite U.S. cycling teams, and founder of Skratch Labs, a leading sports nutrition company; and Jess Cera, a professional racing cyclist, exercise physiologist, and sports nutritionist.

With the knowledge of these three athletic and nutrition experts, you can create truly high-performance meals that satisfy even the pickiest palate while providing fuel even your most extreme athletic training goals.


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